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Welcome to Mark Me Safe - from Censorship, the true Freedom of Speech Social Media Platform

If you like "Social Media" but don't like being told "When, Where, How or Why"... Mark Me Safe from someone else's opinion and let YOUR statements stand safe!

We strive provide a free platform that allows anyone to post their thoughts and share their stories without interference.

If you have a Company, a Community, or a Jury regulating the opinions expressed, you have nothing but THEIR thoughts. We are not here to be a Judge, Jury, or Executioner, only a Blank Slate.

On the other hand, We are a BUSINESS, and do NEED to make Money (It really helps us EAT, soooo, Either we advertise to you to pay the bills, OR you pay us a small token monthly payment NOT to see advertisements. No BS... One OR the Other...

We are VERY tired of the MEGA Social Media platforms deciding what we see and when, and We are doing something about it, it's simple, You choose your friends, You see what your friends are posting, you jump in and join the conversation LIKE ADULTS, or you scroll by, Only you can choose.

Speak Freely

Express your views without fear of being sensored, Mark Me Safe is all about being safe as individuals, and taking ownership of our opinions

Community Standards

As is true with anything and everything, there seems to be a race downhill to the lowest common denominator, and we know this is true, and while we ask that you be POLITE, Civil, and such, WE REQUIRE that you abide by OUR Community Standards for everyone's sake. Its pretty simple, No Yelling "FIRE", No Threatening anything, no call to Violence, or harm, basically like the good Lord says, Do unto others as you would have others do unto you (or your children!) Read our actual Community Standards HERE

About Citizenship here

We will not ask a Citizen to send us a photo of your ID, or "Verify your existence", but we ASK you abide by our standards and use common sense. What we do is help "Thin The Crowd" by using simple activities to "Judge whether a user is Real Entity or not. When you Sign-up, you will become a Pro Tem Citizen, once the system realizes you are a person, you will be granted Citizen and will have more access to even more features. We feel this is a fair way to allow free access, while limiting SPAMmers and Bots, which we try to DELETE for not being Citizens.

We will also offer Citizens a "Paid Subscription" so you do have to see "Advertising that pays for your use of this site. Yes we are a business, with real expenses, including eating.